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Application guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING

Who are we:

nam in World of Warcraft was formed by players who knew each other from other games, such as Ultima Online, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory and various quake games. We were formed on Stormscale the day the server went live, and we've been here ever since. As such we are a very stable guild with a core of people who've played together for a very long time. We've been among the top Horde guilds on the server in PvE content for our entire existence, and we plan to continue to be so.

What we as a guild can offer is stability and reliability in endgame content. A core of officers and members who've played together under the same guild tag for more than 4 years, pushing for progress in endgame encounters for just as long. We raid up to 5 days a week, for 4 to 5 hours, and expect members to be in all of them as much as possible. We do not use DKP.

Who are you?

What we expect from our members is the same kind of reliability that the guild offers. We want to be sure our members show up being as prepared as they can be. We expect very high attendance from our raiders. We also expect you to be a part of the guild when we are not raiding, and not just someone who logs on right before raid time. We expect you to be able to communicate clearly both in written and spoken English.

You need to be the original and only owner of your account!

Raid progress:

WOTLK: Cleared.
TBC: Cleared.
CLASSIC: Cleared.

When applying:

We urge applicants to use this Q&A form. Feel free to copy paste it into your application and fill out the answers. Thank you.

Character Name:
Your age:
Your nationality:
Your connection:
Your current server:

1) Link your armory profile and explain your choice of gear / talents (List PvE gear if not currently equipped). List any serious alts you have.

2) What are your usual playing hours, and are there any days you can't raid.

3) List your raiding experience and your guild history. What kind of progress did you have with previous guilds, and why did you leave them? Why do you want to leave your current guild?

4) What do you do to improve your character? Tell us what you do to optimize your understanding of your class and their role in endgame raiding, both regarding theory and practical application of such. A screenshot of your UI is appreciated.

5) Tell us why you want to join nam. What you hope to achieve, and what you can offer to achieve just that?

6) Do you know anyone in nam? Who in your previous guild(s) can vouch for you?

7) Tell us a bit about yourself and your occupation. Any previous gaming/mmo experience?

We are going to assume that the effort you put into this application is the same level of effort we can expect from you in raids. If you need to apply confidentially, explain why and send the application in private to Malachai or Aga.